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Our Gluten Free Vegan Desserts Are Made Fresh With No Animal-Derived Substances Or Refined Sugar.

Vegans consume a plant based diet (such as nuts, grains, vegetables, and fruits) refraining from the consumption of all animal derived substances (including bees, shellfish, and fish). GEDFree desserts do not contain any meat derived substances such as lard or butter as well as gluten or wheat. Why choose our gluten free, low sugar, vegan desserts?

Vegan & Gluten Free: No Dairy, No Eggs, No Gluten, No Wheat, Refined Sugar, Made Fresh With Quality Ingredients.

Gluten free, vegan diets may aid in reducing symptoms associated with celiac disease or non celiac gluten sensitivity and can potentially aid in weight loss and improve overall health for certain chronic conditions. Some of the many benefits of a low sugar diet are: aids in regulating blood sugar levels, may reduce acne and improve skin health, stabilize moods or depression, and helps with weight management and overall health in general.

We at GEDfree understand how difficult it can be for individuals with allergies or dietary restrictions to find suitable food and menu options and that is why we strive to make our food easily available and as delicious as their original counterparts (whose main ingredients usually consist of gluten, eggs, dairy & a high sugar content). You may be left wondering how we manage to make menu items and desserts gluten free and vegan when their original counterparts contain gluten, eggs, and dairy. Some example of substitutes that we use for gluten or wheat containing flour is quality GF brown rice, quinoa, or tapioca flour. Example of substitute for eggs or binders is chia seeds, bananas, house apple sauce, or our vegan whip. Substitutes for dairy include vegan olive spreads, nut or Non-GMO organic soy milk, coconut cream, coconut yogurt, and so forth (Find Out More At Our About And Disclaimer Page).

Easy Order Process - Order Your Freshly Made, Gluten Free, Vegan dairy free desserts in Singapore.

You can order our gluten free desserts via our website or Oddleeats for islandwide delivery, as well as on our 3rd party delivery platforms such as Grabfood and foodpanda. We are pleased to offer the option to order for self-pickup from our outlet on all of our delivery platforms Monday-Friday(please see our delivery information page).

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