Allergy Notices And Disclaimers – GEDFree Takeout & Delivery

Allergy Notices And Disclaimers

Naomi’s recipes and lifestyle choices have aided her and her loved ones in recovering/maintaining personal intolerances or allergies, as well as chronic gut issues that led to a host of other health complications. However, recipes were not meant to cure or treat ANY diseases.  Please consult a healthcare professional before consuming if you have any specialized health conditions or are pregnant or nursing, etc.


Great care and time has been taken for the safety of our customers through ingredients sourcing and by ensuring that GEDfree remains a gluten, eggs and dairy free facility. And although we do our best to use non cross contaminated and naturally gluten, eggs and dairy free products/ingredients such as certified labelled gluten free flours, powders, vegan dairy free milks, unrefined sugars, liquids and so forth, as well as carefully washing or soaking other naturally gluten, eggs and dairy free ingredients such as rice, beans, vegetables and fruits prior to preparing or cooking, in order to try and avoid potential cross contamination.  Despite our best efforts we cannot guarantee that our food and products are entirely free from allergens and cross contaminations (most specifically for naturally gluten, eggs and dairy free items like salt, dry herbs or canned foods such as tuna fish or pure pumpkin puree.. ).


At GEDFree we use non cross contaminated gluten free oats and oat flours for some of our menu items such as our granolas, cookies or oatmeal. Although oats are gluten free and experiencing a sensitivity or allergic reaction to them is rare, some individuals (i.e. those with celiac disease) may still have an immune system reaction to a protein found in oats called avenin. This is because avenin has a similar amino-acid structure as gluten. To avoid any possible adverse reactions please check menu ingredients or consult a healthcare professional if unsure.  It’s worth noting that, however, for individuals who can healthily consume oats, oats are a highly recommended super food, as they contain an abundance of health benefits and many extremely good sources of nutrients that a gluten free diet lacks.

GEDfree will not be liable if you suffer any adverse reaction from consuming our food products and some of the natural substitute ingredients we use for gluten, eggs and dairy are organic non GMO soy, coconut, seeds or nuts, which are known to also be common allergens. So please take note of main recipe ingredients and reach out to our staff if you have any additional special requirements, concerns or questions prior to ordering. We want to help and will do our best to answer your queries!

Warm Regards From GEDFree and Staff!