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About GEDfree

GEDfree takeout and delivery was established by our founder Naomi in 2021. Naomi, and her son who both suffer from chronic gut issues (that led to a host of other illnesses and intolerances), came up with the concept for GEDfree. Naomi first started by testing out menus and meal plans for her family, creating meals, desserts, and beverages entirely free from gluten, eggs, dairy, refined sugar, and yeast. Daily menus contain options ranging from delicious all day breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to desserts and a variety of other healthy grab and go snacks.

Most, if not all, of our food items can be mistaken for comfort foods, which we make easily accessible by delivering them, yes straight to you! You might have guessed by now that our logo GEDfree stands for Gluten, Eggs, and Dairy free and we are here to show you how your life can still be a breeze if you must remain gluten, eggs and dairy free ;)!

What We Stand For

In order to keep things allergy safe, fresh, and healthy as possible, Naomi wanted to ensure to house create and make items even those as seemingly insignificant as sauces or toppings. Some examples include house soy mayonnaise, ketchup, alcohol free vanilla extract, fresh fruit jam, apple sauce, nut butters, gluten free bread crumbs and more, with the exception of ingredients like gluten free sausages, GF vegan chocolate chip etc.

Naomi recalled the countless lunch breaks, after discovering their diagnosis, or those family dinner night outs where she would have killed to eat a hamburger, pizza, or non-homemade dessert, only to be left with very few options to choose from in restaurants/cafeterias due to allergies/intolerances. These options were usually limited to rice, meats, and vegetables that often left her and her son with some discomfort due to cross contamination or traces of allergens within the dressings, sauces, or shared cooking utensils, etc. Additionally, these specific health comfort foods tend to take longer to create with their ingredients being both expensive and hard to obtain, and their usage time is also shorter making them not the ideal options to carry along for lunch or to have as later foods.

Thus, great care was taken to eliminate these problems for our potential customers, delivering you your orders hot and fresh and ready to consume. Our slogan “Life can still be a breeze when you are gluten, eggs and dairy free” seeks to further portray our dedication to making your allergy friendly munching as enjoyable and stress free as possible. Naomi experimented and recreated for individuals with allergies or intolerances to gluten, eggs, and dairy, safe recipes for dishes that were once her family’s favourites such as lasagne, hamburgers, or quesadillas, despite the fact that their primary original ingredients contain gluten, eggs, and dairy.

Ingredients We Use Or Do Not Use At GEDfree

Her logo assists in representing from the get-go, portraying that her menu and food Items are created daily with healthy ingredients free from gluten, eggs, and dairy, and additionally eliminating deep frying, colorants, refined sugars, yeast, alcoholic liquor, shell fish and raw or undercooked meats. For those individuals who cannot consume pork, substitute options are also available for any of our dishes that contain pork. GEDfree uses only pure good quality olive oil and sometimes sesame oil in our cooking, instead of less health conscious oil options such as vegetable or canola oil. 

When not using the aforementioned oils, we use a quality GF, Vegan, nut, soy and artificial additive free olive butter, do bear in mind however, that it also contains sunflower oil. All menu items are refined sugar free, however do also bear in mind that for our super chocolate cookie and brownie, there contains some vegan, GF dark belgium chocolate as the chocolate chips or added to the frosting, this chocolate contains a small amount of cane sugar. Ingredients lists for all menu items/dishes are provided under the ingredients list section, please have a look before ordering if you have any specific health restrictions or requirements.